Bilkent University ODTÜ-Bilkent Algebraic Geometry Seminars

The Halpherin-Carlsson conjecture
Özgün Ünlü
Bilkent University, Turkey
Özet : The Halperin-Carlsson conjecture predicts that if an elementary abelian 2-group of rank r acts freely and cellularly on a finite CW-complex X, then 2^r is less than or equal to the total dimension of the cohomology of X with coefficients in a field of charateristic 2. We will discuss some known results and some new developments related to this conjecture.
  Tarih : 15.12.2017
  Saat : 15:40
  Yer : Mathematics Seminar Room, Bilkent.
  Dil : English
  Not : Tea and cookies will be served before the talk