Çankaya University Mathematics Department Seminars

Discrete fractional calculus with some applications
Guo-Cheng Wu
College of Mathematics and Information Science, Neijiang Normal University, China (PRC)
Özet : This work introduces the tool of discrete fractional calculus (DFC) in recent applications. It is used to introduce memory effects into discrete maps. General Chaotic behaviors are shown. Image encryption of fractional order is illustrated as one of the possible applications. Furthermore, chaos synchronization is designed according to stability conditions. Finally, a Riesz-Caputo fractional difference is given by use of both left and right Caputo-like fractional differences. Modelling of the diffusion on discrete domains is shown.
  Tarih : 29.06.2016
  Saat : 14:00
  Yer : Çankaya Üniversitesi, R-213
  Dil : English
  Ek Dosya : Özet