Dokuz Eylül University Mathematics Department Seminars

Equivariant Homotopy Diagrams
Aslı Guclukan İlhan
GTÜ, Turkey
Özet : The aim of this talk is to define an obstruction theory for making equivariant homotopy diagrams more and more highly commutative. A gluing data which we will use to construct topological spaces with specific homotopy types can be obtained when these obstructions vanish. Given a finite group G, we will also construct finite G-CW-complexes homotopy equivalent to a product of spheres with isotropy groups in a given family of subgroups of G. This is a joint work with Özgün Ünlü.
  Tarih : 27.08.2015
  Saat : 16:00
  Yer : Matematik Bölümü
  Dil : English