Konferans SPE - Large Scale Computing and Big Data Challenges in Reservoir Simulation Conference and Exhibition
  Tarihler   15.09.2014 - 17.09.2014
  Yer   ITU and the Grand Tarabya Hotel, Istanbul
  Alan   Uygulamalı Matematik
  Konular   Scalable Solvers for Linear and Nonlinear Systems, Big Data Discovery and Its Impact on Decision Making, Hardware Advances and Code Optimisation, Novel Discretisation of PDEs and Impact on Solvers, Inverse Problems, Uncertainty Quantification, and Optimisation, Case Studies/Large Scale Simulations
  Özet   This conference will be a hybrid conference with 6 technical sessions featuring invited speakers who will be selected based on their abstract, technical expertise, and experience. Speakers are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the programme committee and be selected to present in this unique and topical event.
  Web   http://www.spe.org/events/mmfd/2014/index.php
  İletişim   spedub@spe.org
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