Çalıştay 3rd Workshop on Rings, Modules and Algebras
  Tarihler   23.06.2014 - 27.06.2014
  Yer   İzmir Institute of Technology
  Alan   Cebir
  Konular   Rings, modules, algebras.
  Özet   The first workshop of this series took place at Karabuk University in June 2012 with about 25 participants, and the second at IYTE in June 2013 with almost twice as many participants. While the main aim of the workshop series is to promote the study of the topics in its title among young researchers, increasing, at the same time, their awareness of its history as well as of its current state in the world and familiarizing them with the new questions and techniques, we furthermore expect to draw interest from researchers of all levels working in related areas.
On each day of the workshop, there will be two lectures by Professor Ringel during the period 9:30-12:30; and a discussion session in the afternoon.
  Web   http://rma2014.iyte.edu.tr/
  İletişim   Engin Büyükaşık: enginbuyukasik@iyte.edu.tr, 0232 750 77 62
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