Sempozyum 14th International Geometry Symposium
  Tarihler   25.05.2016 - 28.05.2016
  Yer   Pamukkale University, Denizli
  Alan   Geometri
  Konular   Geometry
  Özet   Esteemed scientists who devoted their lives to Geometry; we are very happy to announce the 14th International Geometry Symposium to be held on 25-28 May 2016 organised by the Department of Geometry of the Mathematics Department in the Faculty of Science and Letters, Pamukkale University. During the Geometry Symposium, which has turned into a tradition in which we all look forward to the next year’s organisation, we aim to spread the latest knowledge and developments in the world of geometry to the large masses by bringing together the distinguished scientist like yourselves under the umbrella of the 14th International Geometry Symposium. The symposium covers the presentations of invited speakers as well as paper and poster presentations.
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