Middle East Technical University Institute of Applied Mathematics Seminars

How do machines learn?
Ferda Nur Alpaslan
Department of Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Özet : As the data is getting bigger continuously, machine learning which incorporates the theories to turn data into knowledge becomes one of the fastest growing fields in computer science. In everyday life more data is generated and collected, which, then, can be turned into useful products and/or services. The ways that machines learn depend on the nature of the data as well as the aim of learning. There are broad areas of applications of machine learning in everyday life. Drug discovery and development which is a costly and time consuming process is one of them. Machine learning methods are proven to be useful on predicting protein-ligand interactions in designing drugs.
  Tarih : 22.05.2018
  Saat : 15:40
  Yer : Institute of Applied Marhematics, S212
  Dil : English
  Web : http://iam.metu.edu.tr/event-calendars#colloquia