Middle East Technical University Institute of Applied Mathematics Seminars

Programmable Photonics
Emre Yüce
Department of Physics, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Özet : Semiconductor microcavities have proven to be essential for light confinement in space and storage in time and that facilitate manipulating light matter interaction. The control of the cavity refractive index spatially and temporally will allow for complete control over the light stored in a cavity;in real space, wave vector space, frequency space, and in time domain. For instance, the control of the refractive index of a cavity at ultra fast timescales enables to convert the frequency of light stored in a cavity. The spatial control of light stored in a cavity will allow for tailoring the mode profile of a cavity and even enable controlling the coupling of the cavity to the environment. Arrays of coupled high-Q nanocavities, collectively provide a superior system than a single cavity and can be used to observe light localization . A challenge remains; namely to fabricate an array of cavities at the same resonance frequency to observe localization of light. Due to technical limitations,fabrication of many high-Q cavities at the same resonance frequency is not simply achievable. Here, we control the resonance frequency of each cavity individually by locally changing the refractive index in an InGaP photonic crystal cavity array. We use wave front shaping to shape the pump beam and we address individual cavities . As a result, we spatially control the refractive index and manage to manipulate the coupling of the cavities. We show that we can counteract the unintentional shift of the cavity resonance frequency and we can bring multiple cavities to a collective resonance spatially controlling the refractive index.
  Tarih : 20.04.2018
  Saat : 15:40
  Yer : Institute of Applied Mathematics, S212
  Dil : English
  Web : http://iam.metu.edu.tr/event-calendars#colloquia