Atılım University Mathematics Department Seminars

Graph Entropy, Degree Assortativity, and Hierarchical Structures in Networks
Türker Bıyıkoğlu
-, Turkey
Özet : One of the main challenges underlying the recent interest in complex networks is to relate the function to the structure. Many different measures have been proposed as the relevant quantity for characterizing networks, each one typically capturing only some particular aspect of the problem. I will establish rigorous relations between several major network properties, based on ideas from diverse fields. Among them are the concept of (graph) entropy from information theory that measures the complexity of certain dynamical systems, a breadth-first search algorithm from computer science, Randi\'c index introduced to graph theory from chemistry, degree assortativity of social (networks) interaction patterns and spectral radius of a graph . We will see that we can tie seemingly unrelated concepts together for a better understanding of complex networks. This is a joint work with Fatihcan Atay, Bilkent University.
  Tarih : 22.11.2017
  Saat : 15:40
  Yer : FEF 404
  Dil : English