Ege University Mathematics Department Seminars

From NewHope to Kyber
Peter Schwabe
Radboud University, Netherlands
Özet : At USENIX Security 2016, Alkim, Ducas, Pöppelmann and Schwabe presented the 'NewHope'' Ring-LWE based key exchange protocol. The paper received some attention, if nothing else because USENIX and Facebook awarded the ''Internet Defense Prize'' for the paper and because Google used the algorithm in a post-quantum experiment for TLS. In my talk I will briefly review the NewHope protocol and then present Kyber, which can be seen as a successor to NewHope that improves communication complexity and security.
  Tarih : 07.04.2017
  Saat : 10:00
  Yer : Seminer Salonu
  Dil : English