25 October 15:00

Boğaziçi University Mathematics Colloquium

A new obstruction for Sasaki-extremal metrics
Craig van Coevering, Boğaziçi University

A Sasakian manifold is a metric contact manifold which is an odd dimensional version of a Kähler manifold. As with Kähler manifolds, an important problem is the existence of a canonical Sasakian metric, such as Einstein or constant scalar curvature. These are known not to exist in many cases. In particular, the Futaki invariant obstructs constant scalar...Detay »

Geometry, Topology | English



26 October 15:00

İstanbul University Department Seminars

Weighted Dirichlet spaces and Q^p
Gökhan Göğüş, Sabancı University

We investigate Dirichlet spaces with superharmonic weights on the open unit disk. Carleson measures characterization on these spaces will be explained. We also characterize the boundedness and compactness of composition operators on these spaces. There is a relation with Möbius invariant spaces of analytic functions. What we know and what can be investigate...Detay »

Analysis | Turkish



26 October 15:40

Middle East Technical University Department Seminars

Constructions of Cyclic Subspace Codes and Maximum Rank Distance Codes
Kamil Otal, METU

This talk is a survey of the recent results on the constructions of cyclic subspace codes and maximum rank distance codes. Linearized polynomials are the main tools used to introduce both constructions. This is a joint work with Ferruh ÖzbudakDetay »

Algebra | English



26 October 16:00

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Department Seminars

Parallel Incremental Optimization Algorithm for Solving Partially Separable Problems in Machine Lear ...
İlker Birbil, Sabancı University

Consider a recommendation problem, where multiple firms are willing to cooperate to improve their rating predictions. However, the firms insists on finding a machine learning approach, which guarantees that their data remain in their own servers. To solve this problem, I will introduce our recently proposed approach HAMSI (Hessian Approximated Multiple Subse...Detay »

Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence | English



27 October 14:00

Gebze Technical University Department Seminars

Subspaces and Dense Manifolds of Disjoint Hypercyclic Vectors
Özgür Martin, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

Contrary to popular belief, linear dynamical systems can be chaotic. However, in order to find an example of a chaotic linear map, one needs to work on infinite-dimensional metric spaces. We will make an introduction to Linear Dynamics, which is a new and active branch of Functional Analysis, and we will answer a question of H. Salas about subspaces and dens...Detay »

Analysis | English | Attached File



27 October 15:40

Middle East Technical University ODTÜ-BİLKENT Algebraic Geometry Seminars

Algebraic surfaces in CP^3
Çisem Güneş Aktaş, Bilkent University

In this talk we give a deeper insight into the theory of K3-surfaces, which essentially boils down to the global Torelli theorem, subjectivity of period map and Riemann Roch theorem (for example, we conclude that all singular points of a K3-surface have to be simple ones). After recalling principle properties of K3-surfaces, we explain the arithmetical reduc...Detay »

Algebraic Geometry | English