Koç University Mathematics Department Seminars

A brief survey on pairing-based cryptography
Osmanbey Uzunkol
TÜBİTAK - Bilgem, Turkey
Özet : This talk discusses several applications and the state of the art of pairing-based cryptography together with its underlying security. After defining the primitives, we present the practical uses of pairing-based cryptography, and will survey on its applications in identity-based cryptography, Joux's three-party key exchange, short signatures, public auditing the data (joint with Sertkaya and Kiraz), primitives of authenticated certificateless encryption to secure outsourcing of bilinear maps (joint with Arabaci, Sertkaya and Kiraz). Then the intractability of several computational problems related to pairing-based cryptography (the discrete logarithm problem, the bilinear Diffie Hellman problem, the pairing inversion problem for Weil and Tate pairings) will be discussed. If time permits, we will finally give some new results on the generic aspects of the pairing inversion problem (joint work with F. Heß).
  Tarih : 02.12.2015
  Saat : 17:15
  Yer : ENG 208
  Dil : English