Çankaya University Mathematics Department Seminars

Taking Research into Industry – a case study of a university spin out company and its product
James Little
Çankaya Üniversitesi, Turkey
Özet : Knowing the location of Wi-Fi devices to understand passenger behavior within an airport, is an area of growing interest within the air transport industry [1]. Cisco's Mobility Services Engine (MSE) gathers raw data from the network and converts it into the location of Wi-Fi devices in the Wireless Local Area network (WLAN). The challenge comes in interpreting, the potentially many millions of location points, to reveal information which can be acted upon to improve the performance for the many stakeholders of the airport. This can be to provide both a better experience for passengers and enhanced information for retailers, security, planners and designers to act upon. The use of data mining techniques has contributed here to order the data and extract information on dwell times, crowding, typical paths and alternative flows of passengers. In the first part of this presentation, we will describe some of the algorithms used in the initial prototype In the second part of this presentation, we look at how these algorithms were productized by a startup company (ThinkSmart Technologies), which was then acquired to become the core of Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) product [2]. [1] https://www.newstalk.com/reader/47.339/59335/0/ [2] http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/mobility-services-engine/at_a_glance_c45-726562.pdf
  Tarih : 18.12.2015
  Saat : 13:20
  Yer : Mavi Salon
  Dil : English
  Ek Dosya : Özet