Atılım University Mathematics Department Seminars

Q-Analysis of the q-Difference Equation of Hypergeometric Type
Rezan Sevindik Adıgüzel
Atılım University, Turkey
Özet : In this talk we present the q-classical orthogonal polynomials of the Hahn class. Such polynomials appear to be the solutions of the so called q-difference equation of hypergeometric type having polynomial coefficients of degree at most two. The central idea behind this study is to discuss in a unified sense the orthogonality of all possible polynomial solutions of the q-hypergeometric difference equation by means of a qualitative analysis of the relevant q-Pearson equation.
  Tarih : 21.10.2015
  Saat : 15:45
  Yer : FEF 404 - Seminar Room
  Dil : English