Konferans ICJMS'2015 - The 28th International Conference of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society
  Tarihler   15.05.2015 - 19.05.2015
  Yer   Kemer-Antalya
  Alan   Genel Matematik Araştırmaları
  Konular   Pure and Computational and Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Mathematical Physics (related to p-adic Analysis, Umbral Algebra and Their Applications)
Special Sessions: Analysis, Algebra, Linear and multilinear algebra, Clifford Algebras and Applications, Real and complex functions, Orthogonal polynomials and special numbers and functions, Fractional calculus and q-theory; Number theory and combinatorics, Approximation theory and optimization, Integral transformations, equations and operational calculus, Partial differential equations, Geometry and its Applications, Numerical methods and algorithms, Scientific computation, Mathematical methods in physics and engineering,
  Özet   The 28th Congress of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society will be held at Sherwood Club Kemer Hotel, Antalya -TURKEY. In conclusion, we are really appreciative of participants in The 28th Congress of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society and do hope that all participants, understanding the meaning of Jangjeon, enjoy this conference and work together for the development of world. We hope that all participants have free and active Jangjeon meaning "Geul-baat" (place of studies) and meaningful discussions with other participants throughout the conference.
  Web   http://jms.akdeniz.edu.tr/en
  İletişim   icjms2015@akdeniz.edu.tr
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