Konferans CONTECH 14 - Control Automation Technologies Conference
  Tarihler   13.10.2014 - 15.10.2014
  Yer   Taskisla Campus of Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul
  Alan   Optimal Kontrol
  Konular   Systems and Signals: Modelling, Identification and Signal Processing; Adaptive and Learning Systems; Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems; Stochastic Systems; Networked Systems Design Methods: Control Design; Linear Control Systems; Non-Linear Control Systems; Optimal Control; Robust Control; Distributed Parameter Systems Computers, Cognition and Communication: Computers for Control; Computational Intelligence in Control; Telematics: Control via Communication, Industrial Communication Networks, Mechatronics, Robotics and Components: Components and Technologies for Control; Mechatronic Systems; Robotics; Human Machine Systems Manufacturing and Logistics Systems: Manufacturing Plant Control; Manufacturing Modelling for Management and Control; Enterprise Integration and Networking; Large Scale Complex Systems Process and Power Systems: Chemical Process Control; Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing; Power and Energy Systems; Fault Detection, Supervision & Safety of Technical Processes Transportation and Vehicle Systems: Automotive Control; Marine Systems; Aerospace; Transportation Systems; Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles, Signalization Systems Bio-Systems and Ecological Systems: Control in Agriculture; Biological and Medical Systems; Modelling and Control of Environmental Systems; Biosystems and Bioprocesses Control Systems Technology: New Trends in Industrial Automation and Control; Sensors and Transducers in Control; Micro-Nano Electromechanical Control Systems.
  Özet   CONTECH `14 Control Automation Engineering Conference will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, organized by DAKAM and Istanbul Technical University. CONTECH `14 aims to provide a high level international forum to bring together industry professionals, academics, and individuals from institutions, industrials and government agencies to exchange information, share achievements, and discuss the advancement in the fields of control science and engineering, mechanic automation,information theory, communication and networking. All accepted papers will be published by DAKAM.
  Web   http://www.contechconference.com/
  İletişim   Nuray Aysan: nuray.aysan@dakam.org
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