Konferans cdss2014 - The 3rd International Conference on Complex Dynamical Systems and Their Applications: New Mathematical Concepts and Applications in Life Sciences
  Tarihler   24.11.2014 - 26.11.2014
  Yer   TOBB ETU, Ankara
  Alan   Dinamik Sistemler
  Konular   Mathematics, Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Biology
  Özet   This conference focuses on the dynamics of complex systems, which are one of the most attractive subjects of the modern sciences. The attractiveness of this particular area arises from two different aspects. The first one is that it provides challenges, which are connected with many uncertainties in description of irregular motions. The second one is methods of investigation, which are not yet well developed and established. Applications of complex dynamics investigations are very important and deal with a wide range of problems. They start with mechanical problems and extend to earthquake prediction and social sciences problems. It is not just about neuroscience, biology, genetics, medicine and quantum physics. Moreover, we are interested in those investigations in electrical and mechanical engineering, physics, biology, economics, finance, neuroscience, computer sciences, earthquake monitoring, which urgently need mathematical modeling of their problems and analysis through dynamical systems approach. So, many specialists are waiting for such meeting. Hopefully, we will be able, altogether, to arrange strong collaboration starting with this conference. All specialists whose research interest is related to bifurcation, chaos, mathematical neuroscience, fractals, ergodicity, discontinuous dynamical systems, etc. are welcome.
  Web   http://cdss2014.org/
  İletişim   cdsc2014@etu.edu.tr
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