Konferans ICCESEN 2014 - International Conference on Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering
  Tarihler   25.10.2014 - 29.10.2014
  Yer   Kemer, Antalya
  Alan   Diğer
  Konular   Physical Science and Technology, Mathematical science and applications, Energy and applications, Earth Science and Application, Engineering Science and application, Material Science and application
  Özet   We are pleased to invite you to participate to the “International Conference on Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering (ICCESEN 2014)”. The conference will provide excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and expertise of the student, researchers and also industry. This international conference covers highlights about new results in the wide spectrum of categories from science and engineering in theory, methods and applications. The participants will have the opportunity to take part in the presentation of plenary lectures, contributed papers of both oral and poster session types, and of their scientific discussions. Our target sections are mathematical science and applications, energy and applications, environmental science and applications, material science and applications, nuclear science and technology, biological and medical science and applications, physical science and applications, chemical science and applications, earth science and applicationsdealing with all fundamental, computational and applied aspects. Each topic will be presented in a different streams and sessions.
  Web   http://www.iccesen.org/
  İletişim   Prof.Dr. Iskender AKKURT : iskenderakkurt@iccesen.org, iccesen@gmail.com
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