Çalıştay Workshop on Algebraic and Applied Topology II
  Tarihler   29.11.2019 - 29.11.2019
  Yer   Bursa
  Alan   Cebirsel Topoloji
  Konular   algebraic topology, topological robotics, persistent homology, category theory, p-groups, cohomology, van kampen theorem, applied topology
  Özet   The goal of the workshop is to bring together the researchers from the fields of Algebraic Topology and Applied Topology in Turkey to discuss their field of interests and to initiate new collaborations for future research projects. The talks will be held at Room E140 at Mimar Sinan Campus, Bursa Technical University. For more information, please send an e-mail to ayse.borat (at) btu.edu.tr. You may find the details of the first workshop at the website: https://math.deu.edu.tr/waat/
  Web   http://matematik.btu.edu.tr/index.php?sid=8176
  İletişim   ayse.borat@btu.edu.tr
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