Anma Etkinliği Mirzakhani Memorial Event
  Tarihler   15.05.2019 - 15.05.2019
  Yer   Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences (IMBM)
  Alan   Geometri, Topoloji
  Konular   Mirzakhani's works
  Özet   You are cordially invited to the Mirzakhani Memorial Event which will take place at IMBM on May 15 at Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences(IMBM). The details of the lectures are as below. This event is part of the May12 Celebrating Women in Mathematics initiative.
Özgür Kişisel, METU Title: Mirzakhani's work on Weil-Petersson volumes on moduli spaces Abstract: I will survey Mırzakhani's results about Weil-Petersson volumes and their enumerative consequences for random hyperbolic surfaces.
Arzu Boysal, Boğaziçi University Title:Pointed stable curves, rational conformal field theory and theta functions Abstract:This is an expository talk on rational conformal field theory (RCFT) for pointed stable curves. We discuss its construction and elaborate on one such field theory coming from affine Lie algebras. We then relate various objects of study in RCFT to theta functions.
Turgay Bayraktar, Sabancı University Title: Ergodic properties of the SL(2,R) action on the moduli space Abstract: We survey on the recent results of M. Mirzakhani and her collaborators on the ergodic theoretic properties of the SL(2,R) action on the moduli space.
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