Çalıştay Şirince Commutative Algebra Workshop
  Tarihler   20.05.2019 - 23.05.2019
  Yer   Nesin Mathematics Village, Şirince, İzmir
  Alan   Cebir
  Konular   Commutative Algebra
  Özet   Şirince Commutative Algebra Workshop will feature mini-courses focusing on several aspects of Commutative Algebra. Each mini-course consists of three introductory talks and a research talk: introductory talks will be given from Monday, May 20 to Wednesday, May 22, and the research talks will be delivered on Thursday, May 23. Speakers will have the opportunity of talking about their research by giving some basic background during the first three days of the workshop. This workshop is addressed to graduate students, postdocs, and interested researchers, in general. If you plan to participate in Şirince Commutative Algebra Workshop, please register on this website by April 23, 2019. The number of participants is going to be at most 40. There is local support (lodging and meals at the Village) for up to 40 graduate students and postdocs.
  Web   https://math.wvu.edu/~ela.celikbas/SirinceCAW2019/
  İletişim   ela.celikbas @math.wvu.edu
  Not   This workshop is partially funded by Department of Mathematics at West Virginia University.
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