Çalıştay The First International Workshop on Constructive Mathematical Analysis
  Tarihler   11.02.2019 - 13.02.2019
  Yer   Department of Mathematics, Selçuk University, Konya
  Alan   Analiz
  Konular   Constructive Mathematical Analysis include (but are not limited to): Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Fourier Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Miscellaneous Applications of Functional Analysis, Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Stochastic Analysis, Approximations and Expansions, Special Functions and their Applications, Matrix Analysis, Convex and Geometric Analysis, Fixed Point Theory and its Applications.
  Özet   We are pleased to invite you to participate The First International Workshop: Constructive Mathematical Analysis which will be held in Selçuk University in Konya, Turkey, between 11-13 February, 2019. The central aim of this workshop is to share knowledge and results in theory, methodology and new advances and research results in mathematical analysis. It focuses on new trends and approaches for Mathematicians, Scientists, Researchers. The lecturers of the workshop are: Prof. Dr. Ioan Raşa, Prof. Dr. Michele Campiti, Prof. Dr. Ana Maria Acu, Prof. Dr. Ali Aral, Prof. Dr. Harun Karslı
  Web   https://constructivemathematicalanalysis.com/
  İletişim   Tuncer Acar: constructivema@gmail.com
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