Kış Okulu Nesin Matematik Köyü: Aritmetik Kış Okulu
  Tarihler   28.01.2019 - 03.02.2019
  Yer   Nesin Matematik Köyü, Şirince, İzmir
  Alan   Matematik
  Konular   Aritmetik
  Özet   Distribution of primes and arithmetic progressions play a fundamental role in arithmetic. The aim of Arithmetic Winter School is to give an introduction to arithmetic combinatorics and multiplicative number theory using tools from analysis and complex calculus. The necessary background on Dirichlet series and tools from additive number theory will be discussed in lectures. van der Waerden theorem will be proved. Then, we will give a sketch of the proof of Szémeredi’s theorem, and we will prove the prime number theorem and the functional equation of the Riemann zeta function.
Advance undergraduate and graduate students who are familiar with complex calculus (Cauchy theorem and Residue theorem).
Selçuk Demir, Around the Szémeredi theorem
Haydar Göral, Prime Number Theory
Şermin Çam Çelik, Dirichlet Series
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