Ders Serisi Group actions on four-manifolds: Lecture 1,2,3
  Tarihler   24.05.2017 - 24.05.2017
  Yer   IMBM Seminar Room, Boğaziçi University
  Alan   Grup Teorisi
  Konular   Group actions
  Özet   Weimin Chen (University of Massachusetts Amherst) is going to give a lecture series entitled ''Group actions on 4-manifolds'' at IMBM on May 24th and May 26th. The lectures will start at 9:00.
Lecture 1: Introduction
In this lecture, we shall give a historical review on group actions in dimensions 2 and 3, leading up to dimension 4, and explain how the topic is connected to some of the central questions in the study of manifolds in these dimensions.
Lecture 2: Locally linear actions and smoothability
We review the basic results on and the basic tools for studying the locally linear topological actions on 4-manifolds, and the known criteria for non-smoothability of locally linear actions derived from gauge theory (Yang-Mills or Seiberg-Witten).
Lecture 3: Symplectic finite group actions: part I
We discuss symplectic finite group actions on symplectic 4-manifolds, and the principal tools for studying them, i.e., pseudo-holomorphic curves in symplectic 4-orbifolds.
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