Konferans Antalya Algebra Days XIX
  Tarihler   17.05.2017 - 21.05.2017
  Yer   Nesin Mathematics Village, Şirince, İzmir
  Alan   Cebir
  Konular   Algebra
  Özet   Antalya Algebra Days XIX will take place at Nesin Mathematics Village, near the village of Şirince, district of Selçuk, province of Izmir. Antalya Algebra Days is an annual meeting, held in Turkey since 1999. At least 100 people participate every year, including many graduate students from different universities of Turkey. With the participation of guests from abroad, the event serves as an international platform for exchanging ideas and establishing contacts. Each meeting has a focus: in 2014, for example, the focus was number theory, and in 2015 it will be group theory. However, regardless of the topic in focus, talks in all areas related to algebra (such as number theory, algebraic geometry, ring theory, module theory, and model theory) are given during every conference.
  Web   http://www.nesinkoyleri.org/etkinlik-detay.php?egitimkod=118
  İletişim   aslicankorkmaz@nesinvakfi.org
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