Çalıştay Workshop on Nonlinear dispersive PDE: long time dynamics, boundary value problems, integrability
  Tarihler   11.07.2016 - 13.07.2016
  Yer   İstanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences, İstanbul
  Alan   Kısmi Diferansiyel Denklemler
  Konular   Long time dynamics, boundary value problems, integrability
  Özet   This workshop aims at bringing renowned experts working on dispersive PDEs together so as to discuss recent developments and future perspectives of the field. Research interests of the invited speakers cover some of the major approaches to dispersive PDEs. We presume the whole program will help all the participants develop a solid viewpoint toward the field and enhance the understanding of researchers working on dispersive PDEs. In order to stimulate the discussion environment and private interaction, there will be at most four talks per day. All talks will be given by the invited speakers.
  Web   http://www.imbm.org.tr/ndpde16/ndpde16.html
  İletişim   berdogan@math.uiuc.edu, bgurel@boun.edu.tr
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