Konferans ICAMA2016 - International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Analysis
  Tarihler   11.07.2016 - 13.07.2016
  Yer   Atılım Üniversitesi, Ankara
  Alan   Uygulamalı Matematik
  Konular   Applied mathematics, analysis
  Özet   The main purpose of this conference is to bring together leading experts and young researchers to share new ideas, trends and methods of applied mathematics and analysis. The developments in the field of applied mathematics open new research areas in analysis and vice versa. Therefore, the conference will provide a forum for exchanging ideas and discussing the recent progress in both fields. A special emphasis will be put on Difference, Differential and Dynamic Equations, Fractional calculus, Fixed point theory and and their applications. The conference is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Gusein Sh. Guseinov (Hüseyin Şirin Hüseyin) 1951-2015.
  Web   http://icama2016.atilim.edu.tr/
  İletişim   ierhan@atilim.edu.tr
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