Toplantı AGNT - X - Ankara-Istanbul Cebirsel Geometri-Sayılar Kuramı Toplantıları
  Tarihler   14.11.2015 - 14.11.2015
  Yer   Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences, Bogazici University South Campus
  Alan   Cebirsel Geometri
  Konular   Cebirsel Geometri-Sayılar Kuramı
  Özet   The Ankara-Istanbul Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Meetings aim to bring together people working on algebraic geometry, number theory and related areas in Turkey. During each academic year, monthly meetings are planned in Ankara and Istanbul alternately (and possibly other cities in the future). We hope that these meetings will facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers in the field of algebraic geometry / number theory in Turkey. 14:30 - 15:30 The Tchebotarev Density Theorem (Mehpare Bilhan - METU)
A nice paper by Stevenhagen and Lenstra on ''Chebotarëv and his density theorem'', published in the Mathematical Intelligencer.
16:00 - 17:00 Seiberg-Witten invariants of 4-manifolds (Çağrı Karakurt - Boğaziçi University)
Abstract: Donaldson proved his celebrated diagonalization theorem by studying the solutions Yang-Mills equation. Since then gauge theory has been an extremely important tool for understanding the topology of 4-manifolds. With the advent of Seiberg-Witten equations, which significantly simplified and extended the use of gauge theory, the field of 4-manifolds has experienced a period of phenomenal growth and development. This lecture will be on the construction and properties of the smooth 4-manifold invariants which are extracted from the moduli space of solutions of Seiberg-Witten equations.
17:30 - 18:30 Combinatorics of Schubert Polynomials (Olcay Coşkun - Boğaziçi University)
Abstract: Schubert polynomials are polynomial representatives of Schubert cycles in the cohomology ring of flag varieties. Due to their nature, it is possible to describe these polynomials in a purely combinatorial way. In this second part of the series, we introduce Schubert polynomials algebraically, and discuss some combinatorial descriptions of them.
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