Çalıştay Workshop On Geosystems Mathematics
  Tarihler   09.06.2016 - 11.06.2016
  Yer   Middle East Technical University, Ankara
  Alan   Uygulamalı Matematik
  Konular   Inverse and ill-posed problems: potential methods, acoustic and elastic seismic tomography, image analysis, sampling and moment problems, signal analysis and processing of terrestrial and satellite data • Oil, shale gas, and water exploration and improved resource recovery • Uncertainty quantification: Bayesian approach, data assimilation, earthquake relocation • Reservoir mechanics, groundwater flow, multi-phase flow in porous media • Poroelasticity, multi-layered systems • Oceanography, atmospheric modeling, climate change, volcanism, plumes and hotspots • Energy resource modeling: geothermal energy, renewable energy • Geoscientific risk management
  Özet   The workshop facilitates communication between scientists of varying backgrounds and provides a forum for exchange of ideas on the recent developments in mathematical models and computational methods in geosciences.
  Web   http://geomath16.iam.metu.edu.tr/
  İletişim   bulent@metu.edu.tr
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