Konferans ICMCMST'15 - The International Conference Mathematical and Computational Modeling in Science and Technology
  Tarihler   02.08.2015 - 07.08.2015
  Yer   Izmir University
  Alan   Uygulamalı Matematik
  Konular   Partial Differential Equations: Theory and Applications; Fractional Operators and Their Applications; Inverse Problems: Modeling and Simulation; Mathematical Methods in Systems Biology, Optimization and Control; Difference and Time-Scale Dynamic Equations; Probability, Statistics and Numerical Analysis; Computational Models in Science and Technology
  Özet   We are pleased to announce that Izmir University organizes The International Conference ''Mathematical and Computational Modeling in Science and Technology'' ICMCMST’15), to be held at Izmir University, IzmirTurkey, during August 02-07, 2015. The ICMCMST’15 conference is aimed to bring experts, researchers and postgraduate students on Mathematical and Computational Modeling in several fields of Science, Technology and Engineering, such as theoretical and computational aspects in Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Biology, Economics, and other sciences, from the entire world in order to discuss high level scientific questions, exchange solid knowledge of pure and applied sciences, and investigate diverse backgrounds, theoretically and practically.
  Web   http://icmcmst.alpha-publishing.net/
  İletişim   amar_debbouche@yahoo.fr, burhan.pektas@izmir.edu.tr
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