Konferans MCU15 - 7th Conference on Machines, Computations and Universality
  Tarihler   09.09.2015 - 11.09.2015
  Yer   Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus
  Alan   Diğer
  Konular   The search for frontiers between decidability and undecidability in the various models. (For example, what is the smallest number of pairs of words for which the Post correspondence problem is undecidable, or what is the largest state-symbol product for which the halting problem is decidable for Turing machines?)
The search for the simplest universal models (such as small universal Turing machines, universal rewriting systems with few rules, universal cellular automata with small neighborhoods and a small number of states, etc.) The computational complexity of predicting the evolution of computations in the various models. (For example, is it possible to predict an arbitrary number of time steps for a model more efficiently than explicit step by step simulation of the model?)
How parallelism can be connected to decidability, complexity and universality.
Universality and undecidability in continuous models of computation.
  Özet   The MCU traces its roots back to mid of 90s, and has since been concerned with gaining a deeper understanding of computation through the study of models of general purpose computation. MCU explores computation in the setting of various discrete models (Turing machines, register machines, cellular automata, tile assembly systems, rewriting systems, molecular computing models, neural models etc.) and analog and hybrid models (BSS machines, infinite time cellular automata, real machines, quantum computing etc.).
  Web   http://mcu2015.emu.edu.tr/mcu2015/
  İletişim   mcu2015@emu.edu.tr
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