Çalıştay IWDSA2013 - 12th International Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Applications
  Tarihler   12.08.2013 - 15.08.2013
  Yer   Ankara
  Alan   Dinamik Sistemler
  Konular   Dynamical systems, partial differential equations, Ordinary differential equations, Impulsive differential equations, Fractional differential equations, Difference equations, Time scale calculus,
  Özet   The workshop will take place in Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey, during August 12-15, 2013, in honour of the 70th birthday of Professor A. Okay Celebi. The main theme will be “Partial Differential Equations and Applications”. However, talks will not be restricted to this subject only. These workshops constitute the annual meetings of the series of dynamical systems seminars traditionally organized at Middle East Technical University throughout each academic year. The workshop is held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Dynamical Systems and Applications.
  Web   http://iwdsa2013.atilim.edu.tr/
  İletişim   Agacik Zafer; Email: agacik.zafer@gmail.com
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