Middle East Technical University General Seminars

On a tensor product C*-algebra acting on the Hardy space of the bi-disc with applications to composition operators
Uğur Gül
Hacettepe University, Turkey
Özet : In this talk we will be concerned with a tensor product C*-algebra generated by Toeplitz operators with QC(quasi-continuous) symbols and Fourier multipliers acting on the Hardy space of the bi-disc. An exact characteriztion of Fredholmness of certain linear algebraic combination of Toeplitz operators and Fourier multipliers will be given. As an application, an exact characterization of the essential spectrum of a "quasi-parabolic" composition operator acting on the Hardy space of the bi-disc will be given. This is the result of a joint work with B.B. Koca of Istanbul University.
  Tarih : 21.03.2019
  Saat : 15:40
  Yer : Gündüz İkeda Seminar Room
  Dil : English