Conference ICMS 2019 - Third International Conference of Mathematical Sciences
  Tarihler   04.09.2019 - 08.09.2019
  Yer   Maltepe University, Istanbul
  Alan   Mathematics
  Konular   Topology, Analysis and Functional Analysis, Sequences, series, summability, Fixed Point Theory, Numerical Functional Analysis, Computer Science and Technology, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Recent themes on Controllability and Stability of PDE's, Applied Statistics, Geometry, and Mathematical Education, Algebra and Number Theory.
  Özet   The main purpose of the conference is to bring together scientists who work in the area of all fields of mathematics, and all fields of sciences that use mathematics to share new trends of applications of mathematics. The developments in the field of mathematics, applied mathematics open new research areas not only in pure mathematics, but also in all the other fields of sciences that need mathematic.
  Web   https://www.maltepe.edu.tr/icms19/
  İletişim   icms@maltepe.edu.tr
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  Tarihler   09.09.2019 - 13.09.2019
  Yer   Çakılarası Matematik Köyü, Eskişehir
  Alan   Algebraic Topology
  Konular   K-Teori
  Web   http://www.cakilarasimatematikkoyu.com
  İletişim   cakilarasimatematikkoyu@gmail.com
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Conference BEYOND 2019 - BEYOND 2019 : Computational Science and Engineering Conference
  Tarihler   09.09.2019 - 11.09.2019
  Yer   Hall A, Culture and Convention Center of Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
  Alan   Applied Mathematics
  Konular   The scope of the conference is quite broad as it aims to bring together scientists from a diversity of subdisciplines from the fields of computational science and engineering such as Boundary Element Methods; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Computational Mechanics of Solids; Computational Modeling of Cardiac Electromechanics; Fast Algorithms for the Solution of Electromagnetics Problems; Finite Element Discretisation; GPU Computation; Mathematical Modelling in Medicine and Biology; Medical Imagining; Micro-Architectured Materials; Micro-Macro Modeling of Rubbery and Glassy Polymers; Numerical Linear Algebra; Numerical Optimization; Parallel Computing; PDE-Constrained Optimization; Porous Media and Poroelasticity; Surface Partial Differential Equations; Uncertainty Quantification.
  Özet   Over the past two decades, computational science and engineering (CSE) has become an increasingly important part of research in academia, industry, and laboratories. Mathematics-based advanced computing is now a prevalent means of discovery and innovation in essentially all areas of science, engineering, technology, and society, and the CSE community is at the core of this transformation. The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers and scientists from a diversity of subdisciplines from the fields of computational mathematics and engineering in Turkey. Our aim is to create a stimulating atmosphere where researchers can meet and hear about each other's work, hold discussions, exchange of ideas and experiences and hopefully initiate future collaborations. BEYOND: Computational Science and Engineering conferences are a forum for discussion of basic aspects and new trends in computational science and engineering on the highest level of national expertise in Turkey.
  Web   http://files.iam.metu.edu.tr/workshop_cse2019/index.html
  İletişim   beyond@metu.edu.tr
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  Tarihler   16.09.2019 - 20.09.2019
  Yer   Çakılarası Matematik Köyü, Eskişehir
  Alan   Graph Theory and Combinatorics
  Konular   Çizge Kuramından Seçme Konular
  Web   http://www.cakilarasimatematikkoyu.com
  İletişim   cakilarasimatematikkoyu@gmail.com
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