Konferans Frontiers in Several Complex Variables and Functional Analysis (on the occasion of Aydın Aytuna’s 70th Birthday)
  Tarihler   11.05.2019 - 12.05.2019
  Yer   Mathematics Department, Middle East Technical University, Ankara
  Alan   Analiz
  Konular   Complex Analysis , Functional Analysis
  Özet   We are happy to announce ''Frontiers in Several Complex Variables and Functional Analysis'' on the occasion of 70th birthday of Professor Aydın Aytuna. The conference will take place on May 11-12, 2019 at Middle East Technical University, Ankara/Turkey. Conference program and a registration link will soon appear on the web page. There will be a reception on Saturday, May 11th in order to welcome the participants and to celebrate Professor Aytuna’s birthday.
  Web   http://frontiers.sabanciuniv.edu/
  İletişim   Turgay Bayraktar: tbayraktar@sabanciuniv.edu
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