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ICOMAA-2019 - International Conference on Mathematical Advances and Applications

Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Harmonic and non-Harmonic Analysis, Applied Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Geometry, Topology and Algebra, Modern Methods in Summability and Approximation, Operator Theory, Sequence Spaces and Matrix Transformation, Modern Methods in Summability and Approximation, Spectral Theory and Diferantial Operators, Boundary Value Problems, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Discontinuous Differential Equations, Convex Analysis and its Applications, Optimization and its Application, Mathematics Education, History and Teaching Methodology of Mathematics, Application on Variable Exponent Lebesgue Spaces, Applications on Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Analysis, Wavelet and Harmonic Analysis Methods in Function Spaces, Applications on Computer Engineering, Flow Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling in Scientific Disciplines etc.
Conference | Yıldız Technical University, İstanbul. | Mathematics | Web Site


ICAAMM2015 - International Conference On Applied Analysis And Mathematical Modeling

Applied Mathematics and Modeling, Analysis and Its Applications, Mathematical Biology, Bifurcation Analysis, Financial Mathematics, Mathematical Chemistry, Enzyme Kinetics, Computational Chemistry, Computational Mathematics, Computer Algebra, Applied Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Quantum Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Perturbation Theory , Approximation Theory, Ergodic Theory, Coding Theory, Information Theory, Error Correcting Codes, Cryptography, Combinatorics, Cellular Automata, Computational Group Theory, Geometry and its Applications, Algebraic Statistics and its Applications, Algebraic Topology, Probability and its Applications. Ordinary Differential equations, Partial Differential Equations.
Conference | Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul | Applied Mathematics | Web Site


ICMSAO 2015 - 6th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation, and Applied Optimization

Statistical and Probabilistic Modeling, Applied Discrete Structures, Modeling and Identification, Numerical Methods, Industrial Mathematics, Modeling and Control in Smart Materials, Optimal Control/ Control Theory, Optimization Theory, Structural Optimization, Intelligent Systems, Applications of Optimization, Stochastic Optimization, Simulation Tools and Languages, Renewable Energy Systems, Communications and Networking, Power Systems, Neural Networks and Fuzzy logic, Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Robotics/ Mechatronics, Medical and Bioengineering, Control systems, Applied Mathematics, Graph Theory, Algebraic Coding Theory, Cryptography, Applied Optimization, Differential Equations, System Dynamics and Control Theory, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science/Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Management
Conference | Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul | Applied Mathematics | Web Site


ICAAMMP 2014 - Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

Applied Mathematics & Statistics • Bioinformatics • Engineering Mathematics • Demography • Operation Research • Logistics Management • Risk Management • Mathematical Biology • Bifurcation Analysis • Financial Mathematics • Mathematical Physics • Quantum Optics • Nonlinear Optics • Topological Solitons& Domain Walls • Q-Balls • Skyrmions • Phonons • Applied Mathematics & Modeling • Computational Methods • Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations • Mathematics Modelling & Optimization • Bio-Mathematics • Data Analysis • Perturbation Theory in Analysis andApplications Asymptotic Analysis Matched Asymptotic Expansion Poincare-Lindstedt Method Multiple Scales Asymptotic Analysis Beyond all order asymptotics. • Analysis & Its Applications • Approximation Theory & Its Applications • Ergodic Theory • Sequence Spaces &Summability • Fixed Point Theory • Functional Analysis & Its Applications • Applied Algebra & Its Applications • Information Theory & Error Correcting Codes • Cryptography • Combinatorics& Its Application • Cellular Automata • Computational Algebra • Computational Group Theory • Geometry & Its Applications • Geometry & Its Application • Differential Geometry • Differential Topology • Kinematics • Algebraic Statistics & Its Applications • Algebraic Statistics & Its Applications • Probability & Statistics Applications
Conference | Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul | Mathematical Physics | Web Site