Arama Sonuçları


ICAME20 - 2nd International Conference on Applied Mathematics in Engineering

-Applied mathematics -Fractional calculus and applications -Optimization and control in engineering -Mathematical modelling with engineering applications -Nonlinear dynamical systems and chaos -Operational Research -Artificial Intelligence in Engineering
Conference | Balıkesir University, BUBYO Hotel, Burhaniye, Balıkesir | Applied Mathematics | Web Site


ICPAM-VAN 2020 - 3rd International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics

The topics of pure and applied mathematics
Conference | Van Yuzuncu Yil University | Mathematics | Web Site


CFP: MACIS 2019 - Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences

T1: Algorithms and Foundations, T2: Security/Cryptography, T3: Combinatorics/Codes/Designs/Graphs, T4: Data Modeling/Machine Learning
Conference | Gebze Technical University, Istanbul | Other | Web Site


Bosphorus Real Geometry Conference

Hypergeometric functions, the complexification of a Morse function, the overtwisted structures on $S^3$
Conference | Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences (IMBM), Boğaziçi University | Geometry


BEYOND 2019 - BEYOND 2019 : Computational Science and Engineering Conference

The scope of the conference is quite broad as it aims to bring together scientists from a diversity of subdisciplines from the fields of computational science and engineering such as Boundary Element Methods; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Computational Mechanics of Solids; Computational Modeling of Cardiac Electromechanics; Fast Algorithms for the Solution of Electromagnetics Problems; Finite Element Discretisation; GPU Computation; Mathematical Modelling in Medicine and Biology; Medical Imagining; Micro-Architectured Materials; Micro-Macro Modeling of Rubbery and Glassy Polymers; Numerical Linear Algebra; Numerical Optimization; Parallel Computing; PDE-Constrained Optimization; Porous Media and Poroelasticity; Surface Partial Differential Equations; Uncertainty Quantification.
Conference | Hall A, Culture and Convention Center of Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey | Applied Mathematics | Web Site


ICMS 2019 - Third International Conference of Mathematical Sciences

Topology, Analysis and Functional Analysis, Sequences, series, summability, Fixed Point Theory, Numerical Functional Analysis, Computer Science and Technology, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Recent themes on Controllability and Stability of PDE's, Applied Statistics, Geometry, and Mathematical Education, Algebra and Number Theory.
Conference | Maltepe University, Istanbul | Mathematics | Web Site


OMTSA 2019 - Operators in General Morrey-Type Spaces and Applications

Operator Theory and its Applications, Harmonic Analysis
Conference | Dumlupınar University, Kütahya | Analysis | Web Site


ICMME-2019 - International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Engineering Mathematics
Conference | Mathematics Department, Selçuk University, Konya | Mathematics | Web Site


p–adic modular forms

p-adic modular form
Conference | Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences | Algebra | Web Site


ICOM-2019 - 3rd International Conference on Mathematics: An Istanbul Meeting for World Mathematicians

This conference is concerned with the theory and the applications of mathematical sciences. All topics related to pure and applied mathematics are in the scope of the conference.
Conference | FSM Vakıf Universitesi, Istanbul | Mathematics | Web Site