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BEYOND 2019 - BEYOND 2019 : Computational Science and Engineering Conference

The scope of the conference is quite broad as it aims to bring together scientists from a diversity of subdisciplines from the fields of computational science and engineering such as Boundary Element Methods; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Computational Mechanics of Solids; Computational Modeling of Cardiac Electromechanics; Fast Algorithms for the Solution of Electromagnetics Problems; Finite Element Discretisation; GPU Computation; Mathematical Modelling in Medicine and Biology; Medical Imagining; Micro-Architectured Materials; Micro-Macro Modeling of Rubbery and Glassy Polymers; Numerical Linear Algebra; Numerical Optimization; Parallel Computing; PDE-Constrained Optimization; Porous Media and Poroelasticity; Surface Partial Differential Equations; Uncertainty Quantification.
Conference | Hall A, Culture and Convention Center of Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey | Applied Mathematics | Web Site


ICOM-2019 - 3rd International Conference on Mathematics: An Istanbul Meeting for World Mathematicians

This conference is concerned with the theory and the applications of mathematical sciences. All topics related to pure and applied mathematics are in the scope of the conference.
Conference | FSM Vakıf Universitesi, Istanbul | Mathematics | Web Site


Journées Arithmétiques XXXI

Number Theory
Conference | İstanbul University | Number Theory | Web Site


MCDM 2019 - 25th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Conference | Istanbul Technical University | Optimization and Operational research | Web Site


IFSCOM2019 - 6th. International IFS and Contemporary Mathematics Conference

Theoretical Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics in Different Sciences
Conference | Mersin | Mathematics | Web Site


Antalya Algebra Days XXI

Conference | Nesin Matematik Köyü, Şirince, İzmir | Algebra | Web Site


Frontiers in Several Complex Variables and Functional Analysis: on the occasion of 70th birthday of Professor Aydın Aytuna

Several Complex Variables and Functional Analysis
Conference | Middle East Technical University, Ankara | Analysis | Web Site


ICOMAA-2019 - International Conference on Mathematical Advances and Applications

Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Harmonic and non-Harmonic Analysis, Applied Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Geometry, Topology and Algebra, Modern Methods in Summability and Approximation, Operator Theory, Sequence Spaces and Matrix Transformation, Modern Methods in Summability and Approximation, Spectral Theory and Diferantial Operators, Boundary Value Problems, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Discontinuous Differential Equations, Convex Analysis and its Applications, Optimization and its Application, Mathematics Education, History and Teaching Methodology of Mathematics, Application on Variable Exponent Lebesgue Spaces, Applications on Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Analysis, Wavelet and Harmonic Analysis Methods in Function Spaces, Applications on Computer Engineering, Flow Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling in Scientific Disciplines etc.
Conference | Yıldız Technical University, İstanbul. | Mathematics | Web Site


GTA2019 - Ankara Grup Teori Konferansı

Grup Teori
Conference | Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Ankara | Group Theory | Web Site


ICMRS’19 - 2nd International Conference on Mathematical and Related Sciences

Various aspects of computational and applied mathematical sciences and engineering related computational methods and problems solving techniques for science and engineering research.
Conference | Antalya, Turkey | Mathematics | Web Site