Postdoc Position Post-Doc position at Galatasaray University
  Announcement Date   14.07.2016
  Details   Department of Mathematics at Galatasaray University invites applications for one post-doctoral position within the TUBITAK funded project entitled “Generalised Carks and Binary Quadratic Forms”. Position is available for 18 Months. The starting date is 1 October 2016 or any other date that is mutually agreed. There is no obligatory teaching duty. Any inquiries about the position and standard application material (a CV, a short description of research projects and two letters of recommendation) should be sent directly to before 15 September 2016.
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Graduate Application Koç Üniversitesi Y. Lisans ve Doktora Başvuruları
  Announcement Date   31.03.2016
  Details   Koc Universitesi'nin Yuksek Lisans ve Doktora programlari erken basvurulari icin son tarih 10 Nisan'dir. Basvurular online olup, asagidaki linklerden kolaylikla yapilabilmektedir.
Koc Universitesi'nde su anda 30'a yakin lisansustu ogrencisi egitim gormektedir. Bu yil 7-10 arasi yuksek lisans ve doktora ogrencisi almayi hedeflemekteyiz. Actigi bircok lisansustu dersiyle, ve dusuk ogrenci/ogretim uyesi oraniyla (<2) Koc Universitesi, lisansustu ogrencilerine iyi bir arastirma ortami sunmayi amaclamaktadir. Ayrica, yuksek lisans ve doktora mezunlarimizin Avrupa ve ABD'nin onde gelen universitelerinde doktora ve postdoktora egitimi alarak mesleklerinde en ileri noktalara gelebilmeleri icin her turlu destek de verilmektedir.
Lisansustu ogrencilerimize 3000 TL aylik burs ve lojman verilmektedir. Doktora ogrencilerimiz yeterlilik sinavini gectiklerinde burslari aylik 3500 TL ye cikmaktadir. Ek olarak, butun lisansustu ogrencilerine laptop ve ozel saglik sigortasi saglanmaktadir. TUBITAK bursuyla gelen ogrenciler icin ayrica destekler (lojman, arastirma fonu, vs.) saglanmaktadir.
Lisansustu programlarimizla ilgili ayrintilari ve ogrencilere saglanan imkanlari asagidaki linklerden bulabilirsiniz.
Basvuru proseduru:
Ogrencilere saglanan imkanlar:
Lisansustu programlarimiz:
Arastirma alanlari:
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Graduate Application TOBB ETÜ, 2015-2016 Yaz Dönemi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Yüksek Lisans ve Doktora Başvuruları başladı
  Announcement Date   18.03.2016
  Details   2015-16 Yaz Dönemi için TOBB ETÜ Matematik Anabilim Dalında Doktora ve Yüksek Lisans Programı başvuruları başlamıştır. Son başvuru tarihi 1 Nisan 2016 mesai bitimine kadardır. Başvuru koşulları hakkında detaylı bilgiler adresinden öğrenilebilir.
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Scholarship Maths-talented students aged 16-18: 6-week summer immersion at Oxford University
  Announcement Date   28.01.2016
  Details   PROMYS Europe is a partnership with the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford; the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI); Wadham College, University of Oxford; and the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS). Closely modelled on the 27-year-old PROMYS programme at Boston University, PROMYS Europe had an extremely successful first summer in 2015. Need-based financial aid and travel reimbursement are available thanks to support from our partners.
We seek European students aged at least 16 who would benefit from the opportunity to delve deeply into fundamental mathematical questions within a richly stimulating and supportive community of fellow first-year students, returning students, undergraduate counsellors, research mentors, faculty, and visiting mathematicians. First-year students focus primarily on a series of very challenging problem sets, daily lecture, and exploration labs in Number Theory. Advanced seminars and numerous mini-courses and guest lectures tackle a wide range of topics. Guest lecturers in 2015 included Professors Sir Andrew Wiles and Ben Green.

The application deadline is 31 March. The application is available HERE on the PROMYS Europe site ( and includes a challenging problem set. PROMYS Europe 2016 will run from 10 July to 20 August at Wadham College, University of Oxford.

We would much appreciate you sharing the attached flyer and/or the programme description below with potentially interested students and their teachers. Successful applicants do not need to have taken advanced courses in mathematics but do need to show exceptional readiness for thinking deeply about mathematics.
  İletişim   Email PROMYS Europe:
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Postdoc Position Queen Mary University of London seeks to recruit a Postdoctoral Research Assistant
  Announcement Date   21.01.2016
  Details   Queen Mary University of London seeks to recruit a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to participate in the EPSRC-funded project “Challenges of Applied Algebraic Topology’’. The research will be undertaken under the supervision of Professor Michael Farber. The project studies probabilistic models of large random spaces and investigates their topological and geometric properties. Such spaces can be used for modelling large systems in various practical applications. The project also tackles some other problems of topological robotics such as investigation of topology of configuration spaces of linkages and more general mechanisms. Salary range £32,052 - £35,672 inclusive of London Allowance. Benefits include 30 days annual leave, defined benefit pension scheme and interest-free season ticket loan. Closing date: March 6, 2016;
  İletişim   Michael Farber:
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Postdoc Position Post-Doctoral Positions at the Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus
  Announcement Date   25.12.2015
  Details   Applications are currently being requested in the following fields and areas:
Mathematics: “Group Actions and Geometric Structures on Principal Bundles”. The main thrusts of the project are to (i) classify torus equivariant algebraic principal bundles on toric varieties and their generalizations like T-varieties and group completions; and (ii) construct complex or CR structures on the total space of smooth principal bundles. For more information, you can contact: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mainak Poddar, Mathematics program,
Mathematics: a) Lojasiewicz exponent of an isolated rational singularity via m-primary complete ideals. b) The invariants of degenerate plane curve singularities. For more information, you can contact: Assist. Prof. Dr. Emel Bilgin, Mathematics program,
Mathematics: a) Algebraic topology involved with using Lie coalgebras to investigate the Goodwillie tower of the embedding functor and its application to computations in knot theory; b) Categorical foundations of cooperads and coalgebras and application of graph (and Lie) coalgebras to simplify calculations with, and better understand, Lie algebras. For more information, you can contact: Asst. Prof. Dr. B. Walter, Mathematics program,
Mathematics: Quantum Cones and their applications, Noncommutative algebraic geometry based on Lie-complete rings. For more information, you can contact: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anar Dosiev, Mathematics program,
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Postdoc Position 3-year postdoc position in Probability at the University of Bath
  Announcement Date   09.11.2015
  Details   Postdoc in probability at the University of Bath, UK A postdoc (research associate) position is available in the area of probability starting from 1st October 2016, or a date to be agreed. The position will be available for up to 3 years. The position is funded by the EPSRC fellowship "Mathematical analysis of strongly correlated processes on discrete dynamic structures" of Dr. Alexandre Stauffer. The area of research will be centered on the mathematical analysis of random large-scale interacting systems, such as interacting particle systems, random walks and other stochastic processes in random or dynamic environments, percolation, spin systems, and dynamically evolving graphs. The ideal candidate is expected to have a strong background in probability theory, and have a PhD in mathematics, theoretical computer science or related areas. The successful applicant will be associated with the probability laboratory (Prob-L@B) of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath. Prob-L@B is one of the world’s most vibrant probability groups, with eight permanent members, a large cohort of PhD students and postdocs, and a large number of different research activities and international visitors. Applications made to the on-line system should include: * an updated curriculum vitae, * the names and contact details of three academic referees, * a one-page research statement describing your research interests, your experience in the area of the position and your career aspirations. Deadline for applications: 20th January 2016. To apply, go to Interview of short-listed applicants is expected to take place in the week of 15th February 2016.
  İletişim   Alexandre Stauffer :
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Scholarship Türk Matematik Derneği Bursları
  Announcement Date   03.10.2015
  Details   TMD bağışlarla elde ettiği gelirle, geleceğin genç matematikçilerine destek olmak amacıyla CAHiT ARF, GÜNDÜZ İKEDA ve NAZIM TERZİOĞLU BURSU adlarıyla 3 matematik lisans öğrencisine burs verecektir. 2015-16 öğretim yılı için 10 ay süreyle verilecek bursların miktarı aylık 300 TL dir. Başvuru belgeleri 23 Ekim 2015 Cuma gününe kadar TMD ye ulastırılmalıdır. Sonuçlar Kasım ayı içinde TMD web sayfasından duyurulacaktır.
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Scholarship Yüksek Lisans Bursu
  Announcement Date   04.09.2015
  Details   MSGSÜ’de “von Neumann cebirlerinde geometrik sorular” başlıklı TÜBİTAK 1001 projesi dahilinde çalışmak üzere yüksek lisans öğrencisi aranmaktadır. Görev hemen başlayacak ve 31 Ağustos 2017 tarihine kadar devam edecektir. Başvuru diğer üniversitelerde kayıtlı öğrenciler için de açıktır. Maaş 2200 TL olacaktır. Adayların fonksiyonel analiz ve olasılık teorisi alanlarında bilgili olması beklenmektedir. Öğrencinin yükümlülükleri bilgisayar cebir sistemlerinde nümerik simülasyonlar ve sembolik hesaplamalar yapmayı içereceğinden matlab/mathematica/maple sistem yazılımlerınden biri ya da birkaçı ile aşinalık olumlu değerlendirilecektir. Başvuru için; bir referans, alınan dersler, katılınan ve verilen konuşmaları içeren bir özgeçmiş gönderilmelidir. Ayrıca bir iki satırlık kısa özetiyle birlikte başvuru sahibinin okuduğu üç makale listelenmelidir.
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Graduate Application PhD student for a project on Computational Geometry
  Announcement Date   19.08.2015
  Details   The Institute of Applied Geometry at Johannes Kepler University (Linz/Austria) has an opening for a PhD student position for a period of 3 years. The position is available within the FWF-funded project VORONOI++, which is led by Franz Aurenhammer, Graz University of Technology. The project involves research groups at universities in Graz, Linz (both Austria), Bonn (Germany) and Lugano (Switzerland). Applicants should have a strong background in Computational Geometry or Geometric Computing. A Master degree (or equivalent) in mathematics or a closely related field (such as Computer Science) is required for the PhD student position. The working language is English. For more information, contact Professor Bert Jüttler, preferably via email: Further information about the Institute of Applied Geometry and Johannes Kepler University is available at the web pages and Applications, which should include a CV and a compact statement (5-10 lines) about scientific interests and achievements should be sent by email to: The yearly gross salary amounts to € 28.348,60 (14 times € 2.024,90 per month, 30 hours per week). The Johannes Kepler University is an equal opportunities employer. Deadline for application: September 30, 2015.
  İletişim   Professor Bert Jüttler:
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