Wanted! Research assistants, Institute of Applied Geometry, Linz/Austria
  Announcement Date   10.10.2017
  Details   The Institute of Applied Geometry ( at Johannes Kepler University, Linz/Austria, has several openings for research assistants (Ph.D. students, fixed-term contracts with durations of 3 years). Candidates with a strong background in at least one of the fields of Geometric Modeling and Numerical Analysis are encouraged to apply. Expertise on Isogeometric Analysis is particularly welcome. The research assistants will work in several national and European research projects, which are funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) through the National Research Network NFN ”Geometry + Simulation” ( and by the European Horizon 2020 Pro- gramme through the FoF project ”Multi-ObjecTive design Optimization of fluid eneRgy machines” ( and through an ERC Advanced Grant. A master-equivalent degree in mathematics, computer science, or a closely related field is required. The working language is English. For more information contact Professor Bert Juttler, preferably by email: ̈ Linz, a city with approx. 200,000 inhabitants, is located at the Danube, close to the Austrian Alps and half-way between Vienna and Salzburg. Please send your applications with personal and scientific data and a compact statement about scientific interests and achievements to: We are approaching interested candidates, prepared to exercise the aforementioned duties for a yearly gross salary of e 28,994.00 for PhD students (working time 30 hours/week).
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Scholarship TMD Burs Duyurusu
  Announcement Date   01.10.2017
  Details   Türk Matematik Derneği'nin verdiği Tosun Terzioğlu, Nazım Terzioğlu, Cahit Arf ve Gündüz İkeda, burs başvuruları başlamıştır. Burs yönetmeliği ve burs başvuru formu adresindedir. Burs başvurusu yapacakların, sitesindeki formu online olarak doldurup siteye yükledikten sonra, formun bir kopyasını güncel transkript ve referans mektuplarıyla birlikte; TÜRK MATEMATİK DERNEĞİ Sabancı Üniversitesi Karaköy İletişim Merkezi Bankalar Cad. No:2 34420 Karaköy/İSTANBUL - TÜRKİYE adresine göndermelerini rica ederiz. Son başvuru tarihi 3 Kasım 2017'dir.
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Academic Position İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Yardımcı Doçent Kadrosu İlanı
  Announcement Date   19.08.2017
  Details   İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Mühendislik ve Doğa Bilimleri Fakültesi Matematik Lisans Programı’nda açık bulunan Yardımcı Doçentlik kadrosuna 2547 Sayılı Yükseköğretim Kanunu’na tabi olarak öğretim üyesi alınacaktır. İlan Başvuru Tarihleri: 15/08/2017 – 05/09/2017 Adaylarda Aranan Özellikler: Adayların lisans, yüksek lisans ve doktora derecelerini Matematik alanında yapmış olmaları gerekmektedir.
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Academic Position İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi Matematik Bölümüne Öğretim Üyesi alınacaktır
  Announcement Date   26.04.2017
  Details   İlan Tarihi: 19.04.2017 Son Başvuru Tarihi: 03.05.2017 Eğitim dili İngilizce olan Üniversitemize 2547 sayılı Yükseköğretim Kanunu, Öğretim Üyeliğine Yükseltilme ve Atanma Yönetmeliği ile Vakıf Yükseköğretim Kurumları Yönetmeliği’nin ilgili maddeleri uyarınca Matematik Bölümüne Öğretim Üyesi alınacaktır. Adayların en az bir yıl yurtdışında anadili İngilizce olan bir Üniversitede eğitim görmüş yada ders vermiş olması ve akademik başarısını yayınlarıyla belgeliyebiliyor olması şartı aranmaktadır. İlgilenen adayların Cv’lerini Fakülte Sekreterine ( iletmeleri ve başvuru detaylarına adresinden ulaşmaları rica olunur.
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Graduate Application 19 fully funded PhD positions at The Doctoral School in Mathematics of the HSE, Moscow.
  Announcement Date   23.04.2017
  Details   The Doctoral School in Mathematics of the HSE, Moscow, Russia, is pleased to announce 19 fully funded PhD positions in all areas of mathematics and theoretical physics, starting in November 2017. Mathematics at the HSE The Faculty of Mathematics has over 130 members, including 14 invited ICM speakers. Our main research areas are algebraic geometry, geometric and algebraic topology, differential equations, dynamical systems, representation theory, functional analysis and mathematical and theoretical physics. Some of our recent PhD graduates have gone on to be welcomed as postdocs and instructors in several of the highest ranked mathematics departments in the world. Most graduate level courses and research seminars take place in English. Our PhD students who are interested in pure mathematics or theoretical physics can have their theses supervised by any member of -- the Faculty of Mathematics of the HSE:;udept=269069 as well as any of the associated international laboratories -- The Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications (Scientific Director: F. Bogomolov) -- The Laboratory of Mathematical Physics and Representation Theory (Scientific Director: A. Okounkov) -- The Laboratory of Mirror Symmetry and Automorphic Forms (Scientific Director: L. Katzarkov) Graduate students who are interested in applied mathematics could also work with any member of -- The Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Economics -- Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics -- The Laboratory of Stochastic Analysis and its Applications Programme details: the duration of the programme is 4 years. All successful applicants will be offered a tuition waiver, accommodation in a university student residence for a nominal fee (ca. 1000 Russian roubles per month) and a scholarship of ca. 30000 Russian rubles per month. Some of the successful applicants may instead be awarded a scholarship from the Skolkovo Innovation Centre (ca 75000 Russian roubles per month). In addition to the above our PhD students benefit from rich social and cultural life in Moscow. Application deadline: 22 May 2017 For all enquiries please contact School director Alexey Gorinov or School manager Oksana Kipovskaya Full details on how to apply:
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Scholarship TÜBİTAK 1001 Projesi
  Announcement Date   22.02.2017
  Details   Dear colleagues, This spring (from March 2017) I will begin a TUBITAK 1001 research project ‘Period integrals associated to Algebraic varieties’ (total budget 344.959TL). In the framework of the project the following 3 positions are available: Master student 2200TL/month (24months) PhD student 2500TL/month (36months) Post-doctoral fellow 2800TL/month (36months) Persons who gets interested in this project (see the attached file for the description of the research plan) are invited to communicate with me. Yours, Prof. Dr. Susumu Tanabé
  İletişim   Galatasaray University Department of Mathematics Çırağan Caddesi 36, 34357 Ortaköy İstanbul Turkey E-mail: +90 5468452025 (cell phone)
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Academic Position Job announcement for Department of Mathematics Izmir University of Economics
  Announcement Date   12.01.2017
  Details   The Department of Mathematics at İzmir University of Economics is seeking candidates for the above posts. These are teaching and research positions; the successful candidates will be required to contribute to all levels of teaching and supervision undertaken by the School, and will be expected to carry out any other duties commensurate with this post as required by the Head of the Department. The appointee will assist in the delivery of the School’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and supervise research students. Applicants will have excellent organisational and interpersonal skills, and the ability to work both independently as well as part of a team. If required, participate in promotional and marketing activities related to the programmes offered by the University. Applicants must have a Ph.D. and a demonstrated potential for excellence in research and teaching. The Department welcomes applications from all areas of Algebra, Algorithms, Algebraic Geometry, Analysis, Functional Analysis, Topology, Financial Mathematics, Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes and Statistics.
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Postdoc Position Symplectic Structures in Geometry, Algebra and Dynamics
  Announcement Date   19.12.2016
  Details   German Research Foundation DFG has approved our proposal for a new SFB (Collaborative Research Centre TRR 191) on ''Symplectic Structures in Geometry, Algebra and Dynamics''. We are happy to announce the opening of 8 postdoctoral and 17 Ph.D. student positions. Please see here for more information: geiges/SFB-ausschreibung.pdf and also html for a general announcement.
  Web geiges/SFB-ausschreibung.pdf
  İletişim   Markus Kunze:
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Scholarship TÜBITAK 1001 projesi için bursiyer aranıyor
  Announcement Date   07.12.2016
  Details   İKÜ'de "Gelfand-Krillov Boyutu Sonlu Olan Leavitt Yol Cebirlerinin Yapıları ve Temsilleri" başlıklı TÜBİTAK 1001 projesi dahilinde çalışmak üzere 1 doktora ve 1 yüksek lisans öğrencisi aranmaktadır. Görev hemen başlayacak ve 15 Nisan 2018 tarihine kadar devam edecektir. Maaş yüksek lisans öğrencisi için 2200 TL, doktora öğrencisi için 2500 TL olacaktır. Adayların cebir, değişmesiz halkalar alanlarında bilgili olmaları tercih nedenidir. Bursiyerlerden Leavitt yol cebirleri konusunda güncel literatürü taramaları, seminerlerde proje ekibini bu konularda bilgilendirmeleri ve proje dahilinde yapılacak olan çalıştay ve sempozyumların organizasyonlarında görev almaları beklenmektedir.
  İletişim   Ayten Koç:
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Graduate Application PhD positions - Programme INPhINIT ''LaCaixa''
  Announcement Date   09.11.2016
  Details   La Caixa foundation has published the call for 57 PhD fellowships in the framework of the program ''INPhINIT''. The application period is from November 7th until February 2nd, 2017. INPhINIT targets the most motivated PhD candidates by addressing the research areas in which Spain excels: Bio and Health Sciences, Technology, Physics, Engineering and Mathematics. INPhINIT recruits per call 57 Early-Stage Researchers of any nationality, who enjoy a 3-year employment contract. BCAM – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, is a ''Severo Ochoa'' Centre and Host Institution in INPhINIT call, whose mission is to develop high quality interdisciplinary research in the frontiers of Applied Mathematics
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