The 5th International Fuzzy Systems Symposium (FUZZYSS'17) will be the next in the series of the biennal conferences under the same name. FUZZYSS’17 dedicated to Professor I. Burhan TURKSEN will be held at the TOBB University of Economics & Technology, Ankara / Turkey between October 14-15, 2017. Professor I. Burhan TURKSEN, Professor Emeritus at University of Toronto - Canada and Professor of Department of Industrial Engineering at TOBB University of Economics and Technology – Turkey. He has published more than 200 papers in prominent journals and authored several books. A large number of journal articles and books cited his works. The symposium venue will be at TOBB University of Economics & Technology Campus, Sogutozu. The main goal of FUZZYSS’17 is to bring together researchers and practitioners from both industry and academia, and to provide them a unique platform for sharing worldwide ideas as well as the recent developments on fuzzy systems.
  Web : http://fuzzyss2017.etu.edu.tr/index.html